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My computer/device can see the wireless network, but I can't connect to the internet


My computer connects to the downstate wireless network. When I run my web browser, I get an error screen asking to detect network settings.


There are three issues that can be causing this problem

  1. Your computer may be infected with viruses or worms that caused a problem on the network that came to the attention of the network group. In this case, the network group does not allow your computer to function on the wireless network. We will have to verify that the computer meets their specifications prior to re-enabling access.
  2. The access point that you have attached to has been disconnected from the network. we have seen this done by students in the carells.
  3. There is a general problem on the wireless network


You should try connecting to the network from a different location, preferably on a different floor to make sure you are not connecting to an access point that might be disconnected. If this solves your problem, please contact us to let us know the location you originally had a problem with so that we can investigate.

If you still can not connect, please contact us and include the following information (Copy and paste into contact form):



Wireless Mac Address:

Location where I had a problem :

Problem: My wireless computer sees the network, but I can not go anywhere on it.

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