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Using the PHAROS debit printing system

Printing your document

Print your document as you would normally from within the application you are using. A series of dialog boxes will then appear asking you for input. Try to use names that are unique.

Selecting a Print Station

You must then go to the print station of your choice. There are currently four print stations available for students: the HSEB 6th floor Computer Lab; the Learning Resource Center; the 24-hr computing room in the basement of the Medical Library; and the study room in the Residence Halls.

Checking the printer

Important! Ensure the printer is on-line and functional. Examine the LCD readout on the printer. Check for ‘out of paper’ messages, paper jams, etc. The PHAROS system is not able to detect printer problems and will otherwise assume the print job has gone through normally.

If there is a problem with the printer, you can print from one of the other print stations without having to resubmit your print job.

Using the Print Station

Insert your Debitek card into the card reader. A list of documents waiting to be printed will be presented to you on the computer monitor.

Identify your print job by the name you assigned and select it with the mouse.

The system will let you know how much it will cost to print your document. If this value is greater than the credit you have on your Debitek card, you will not be able to print. You can add more credit to your Debitek card using card dispensers located in the Learning Resource Center and 6th floor COM Computer Lab.

Click “Print” to send the selected job to the printer. Your Debitek card will have the cost of the job deducted and be ejected from the reader.

If you have jobs you do not wish to print, you may delete them or ignore them—they will be automatically purged from the system after a few hours.

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