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How do I individually enroll students in my Prime course?

Items Required:

  • Your course roster


  1. Log on to Prime.

  2. Click on your course title, located under the "Courses" heading in the main display area.

  3. Click on the Class tab, one of a row of tabs ("Syllabus", "Calendar", "Lessons", etc.) located near the top of the main display area.

  4. Click on the tiny "Edit Roster" link, located in the grey link bar that can be found just underneath the "Course Members" page title near the top of the main display area;

  5. Click on the tiny "Add a User" link; located in the grey link bar that can be found just underneath the "Roster Editor" page title near the top of the main display area;

  6. Type in the last name, first name or Downstate student ID number ('20019876') in the text box, and click on the "Search" button.

  7. You will see the people listed that resulted from your search of the Prime database of accounts. Click on the "Select" button to the left of the name of the person whom you want to add to your course.

  8. Now you are on the Enrollment Settings page, showing a series of drop-down menus and checkoff boxes with pre-selected options for that person. Usually you don't have to change these pre-selected options; just accept the defaults and click on the "Save" button.

  9. You will be returned to the Roster Editor page. Go ahead and Search for any remaining students students you wish to add to your course. NOTE: You need to click on the tiny "Add a User" link on this page's grey link bar in order to get to the Search page that looks in the Prime database. If you forget, and just search from the Roster Editor, you are ONLY searching the Roster of students ALREADY ADDED TO YOUR COURSE, not the whole Prime database!

A discussion of the Enrollment Settings options:

  1. RIGHTS: Students will display the "Student" level of rights: course access but unable to edit or change anything. Faculty will automatically display the "Course Editor" rights. If you want to Enroll a faculty member, so that they can access the materials, but you don't want them to be able to change anything or upload/delete anything in the course, then change their rights to "Student".

  2. TITLE: Leaving this at Default will mean that the title designated in the Prime main database will be the title used for that account in your course's Class area. Student accounts show "Student" label in the Class roster listing, while faculty are displayed with "Faculty".

  3. HIDDEN: You may wish to "hide" faculty or guest names so that students won't send them email from inside the course, etc.

  4. DISABLED: Use this setting to Enroll an account which won't actually be accessing the course just yet. For instance, you may wish to Enroll two sets of students but only allow the first set to do work during the first part of the semester, and then allow the second set to use the Prime course during the second part of the semester.

  5. NOTIFY USER OF ACCOUNT CHANGES BY EMAIL: You may wish to use this to let students know that they can access a course now that you've added them

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