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i-Notes Requesting MS Office CD


This problem is not an exactly an i-Notes problem , it  is the way MS Office is installed.
To prevent this issue from happening, follow the appropriate set of steps provided below:

If  MS Office 2000 is already installed:

1. Open Add/Remove Programs. (located in  your control panel)
2. Select MS Office 2000  (or whichever version they are using), select Change.
3. Select  Add/Remove Features,  hit Next.
4. Expand "Office Tools."
5. "HTML Source Editing" is set to "Installed on First Use", click the down arrow next to this option   and select "Run from My Computer" or "Not Available."
6. Click "Update Now."

If installing Office 2000 for the first time:

Perform a custom install and deselect the "HTML Source Editing" under the Office tools.
This resolution also works if the user is prompted for the Outlook 2000 SR-1 CD following the same procedure.

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