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How subscribe to a podcast

1. Get some podcast software

You have to download a piece of software which will search the web to find the latest version of the files you want, for example, the next episode in a radio series.

We recommend Apple's iTunes.

Note: always read the set-up and help guides for new software.

2. Add the address of the "feed" to your software

Once you have the software, choose the programme that you would like automatically delivered to your computer every time there's a new show.

To subscribe to a podcast copy the address of the podcast "feed" from the relevant page and add it to your podcast application.

To do this in iTunes, select Advanced from the menu bar and choose the Subscribe to Podcast option. Paste the feed URL into the dialog box when prompted.

3. Start downloading

When a new episode of a subscribed podcast becomes available, your software will automatically download it. On completion, you can listen to the audio file on your computer or transfer it to a portable player, such as an iPod.


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