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Troubleshooting login problems for Prime

Having trouble logging in to Prime?  Here are some common error messages you receive:

  • "Invalid Username"
    • This means there was no account in Prime that matched the username you typed.
  • "The logon information you entered is valid, but the account does not currently have permissions to use this site."
    • This error occurs when Prime does have an account for you, but you entered a version of your username that doesn't match the 'real' username inside the campus 'authentication' system used to verify logins. This usually happens when you use 'Firstname Lastname' formatting, like "George Washington", for your Prime username.  See the section below under "Correct Username and Format".
  • "Account Disabled"
    • This message indicates that your Prime account has been disabled, usually after graduation.  Contact the Educational Computing and Technology office via email (; be sure to also send a copy of that message to your course instructor. Be sure to give your Downstate student ID number, as well as the course number and title that you are trying to access, and the instructor for that course.


Here are some common items to check and remember:

  • Correct Username and Format
    • For students, use your Downstate student ID number (SID) to log in to Prime, email and to Prime-Portal.  The SID is a number that begins with your year of matriculation - for example, '200799999'.  Students should avoid using other kinds of usernames, such as 'firstname.lastname', since alternate usernames won't work with all systems.
    • For faculty and staff use 'firstname.lastname', with all lower case letters (no capitals) and with a period between the first and last names (no space).  For example, george.washington.


  • Lost Saved Password:
    • Do not use the 'Save Password' feature of web browsers on your own computer.  Besides presenting a security risk, you may eventually forget your password.  This leads to trouble when you have to log in using a different computer, such as during an exam on campus, or when the information becomes corrupted or cleared from your browser.


  • Caps Lock Key Is On:
    • You might be surprised how often this is a source of login problems. Accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is especially possible when users have saved their username, so they don't have to type it in.

Rev 10/25/2007

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