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Clearing your web browser's saved information

In order to do work in Prime, Prime-Portal, email and other systems, your web browser needs to save information.  This information is temporary, and gets deleted when you log off.  Sometimes 'temporary' saved information does not get 'purged', however, and can cause errors. This is especially possible if you:

  • Don't log in each time by typing in your username or password, but instead using the web browser's feature to 'save' login information.
  • Don't log out of Prime at the end of a session by clicking on the "Logout" icon along the left side of the window, but instead simply close the entire web browser by clicking on the "X" exit box at the far upper right corner.
  • Use the web browser's Back button at the top left of the web browser to return to a previously visited part of Prime, instead of using the navigation links in Prime to move around (Home button, tab links like Lessons and Reports, navigation links in Lessons/Content itself, etc)

First of all, you can see if your problem is due to settings tied to a web browser.  Try using a different web browser; if you were using Firefox, then use Internet Explorer; if IE, then try Firefox.  Don't already have Firefox? Download it for free from:

To 'purge' the cached temporary information that your computer may be retaining:

For Firefox,

  1. drop down the tools menu and select Clear Private Data.  
  2. Check off everything (including cookies) and
  3. hit the Clear Private Data Now button.

For Internet Explorer,

  1. Drop down the Tools menu and select Internet Options; a dialog box will pop up with a series of tabbed pages - "General", "Security", "Privacy", etc.
  2. On the "General" page, click on the Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Clear History buttons. Note that the computer may take a while to complete this option if you have quite a long History saved. 
  3. The "Days to keep pages in History" (at the bottom of the dialog box) is usually set to 20 days by default.  Set that "Days to keep pages in History" to zero.
  4. On the "General" page, click on the Settings button.  On the dialog box that appears, one of a series of options is already selected.  Change the current selection to "Every visit to a page" at the top of the Settings dialog box, then click on the OK button to return to the "General" page of the Internet Options dialog box.  
  5. On the "General" page, click on the Content tab, then click on the Autocomplete button; a dialog box called "Autocomplete Settings" will appear.  Uncheck the "Usernames and passwords on forms" checkbox, then click on the Clear Forms and Clear Passwords buttons. Click on the "Ok" button to close the Autocomplete Settings dialog box.
  6. Click on the Ok button for the General tabbed page of the Internet Options dialog box.

Close the web browser, reopen it and try using it again.

JMN - 1/28/2008

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