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Why don't my courses show up yet on Prime?

Why don't my courses show up yet in Prime?

This FAQ contains information for both students and faculty.  Locate your section to view valuable information.


Course sites are specific to a semester (Fall, Spring and Summer).  If the same course is given in multiple semesters, such as a course given in both Fall AND Spring, it will have separate course sites on Prime.  Instructors or staff in the Academic & Library Computing Office can copy content from an existing course into a new site.

Course sites from a semester are kept online until the semester repeats the next year.  For example, Fall courses will remain up during the subsequent spring and summer semester, then the course site is prepared for reuse two weeks before the start of the Fall semester.   Student enrollment, activity, grades and submissions from the previous year's group are cleaned out during the month prior to the start of the semester.  New students will be enrolled once a day starting on the Thursday or Friday prior to the start of the new semester.

Creation of new course sites and changes in primary instructor are processed during the week prior to the start of the semester.  Course records in the Banner student information system are used to verify section, course registration number and primary instructor(s).

As per SUNY guidelines, written permission is required for new faculty to reuse unique/original content created by the previous instructor.


Students are batch-enrolled once a day into Prime course sites based on their course registration status in Banner.  Keep in mind that holds in Banner will prevent your enrollment into the course site on Prime.

Batch-enrollment begins on the Thursday or Friday of the week before the start of classes.

Banner is checked and changes in enrollment are run once a day Monday through Friday during the first three weeks of each semester.

Here are some reasons you may not see your courses in Prime: 


  1. Banner holds:  If you have a 'hold' in Banner on your course registrations, you will not be enrolled into the course sites on Prime until the Banner holds are released.  Holds due to unresolved health information, HIPAA clearance or unfinished financial/bursar activity can all hold up your access to your course sites on Prime. Staff will verify your Banner record status before making any changes to your course enrollments on Prime.  Please check your Banner account for any holds before you contact staff for assistance with Prime
  2. Timeline:  
    1. Generally students do not have access to courses until just prior to the start of classes.
    2. Batch enrollments into Prime are processed once a day.  Depending upon the time of day when your Banner record was updated, processing of new enrollments in Prime will generally lag one business day behind status updates in Banner. 
    3. Prime batch enrollments are not processed on Saturday or Sunday.  If you registered for a course in Banner or fixed a hold on a Friday, you won't be enrolled into Prime until the following Monday.

Academic & Library Computing (ALC) will not be able to manually add a student until their Banner course registration status has been checked and verified.


If you still require assistance, please email

Include the course subject code and number, the section number, course title and instructor. Each course also has a  unique four-digit course registration number (CRN) that can be found on your registration materials.  Including that number can help facilitate assistance when there are multiple sections of a course.   For example:

"NRBS 6700: Nurs Admin and Mgmt, section 4, Prof. Florence Nightingale.  CRN = 7654"


jmn - rev Jan 12, 2015

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