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Cannot download file whose title has two consecutive periods

"Exception error" when users cannot download file whose title has two consecutive periods

 Occasionally you will get an "Exception Error" when you click on and attempt to download a file in Prime.  Usually these are caused by malformed file names.  Contact your instructor and ask them to rename the original to add a file type extension and then reupload.

 File types are indicated by a 3 or 4 character extension at the end, preceded by a period.  Common examples are:

  • .pptx, .ppt - PowerPoint
  • .docx, .doc - Word
  • .pdf - Adobe Acrobat

If a file has been uploaded without a file type extension already specified, Prime's software will attempt to identify the file type and add a period plus the appropriate file type extension.  Since the file already has a period at the end, this can result in a double consecutive period plus the file type. For example:

  • Syllabus..docx
  • Lecture_12_Acute_Inflammation..pdf
  • Affordable_Care_Act_Changes_In_Care_Management..pptx

 Double consecutive periods are not allowed in web server communications, causing the 'unhandled exception'.

Usually this happens when someone saves a file using the Apple operating system, which may not automatically append a file type extension.  Instructors can open the file on their Mac, save it using Save As and choosing "Windows" version of the file type, then deleting the original from Prime and reuploading.

JMN 4/08/14

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