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Change Java security settings to run the Interactive Radiology Atlas

 The Interactive Radiology Atlas requires Java to run.  Recent changes in Java have included a security update:  In order for any application to use Java, it must have a security certificate.  If it doesn't, the application is blocked by default. 

A short-term fix is to temporarily lower your own Java security setting.

 - In Windows, click on the Java icon in the lower right System tray.

 - In Mac OS, click on the Apple icon at upper left, then System Preferences. Click on the Java icon at bottom.

 - Choose the Security tab, and slide the slider down to "Medium".

You may still get a 'warning' dialog pop-up whenever you click on any of the image links, but you can view the images.

Note that Chrome will not work with the current version of Java. Use Firefox or Safari instead.

You will  want to restore the security level to 'high' in Java when finished.

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