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Using iNotes and other mail clients

article Getting Downstate email on your laptop, smartphone or tablet
Setting Up Computers, Smartphones and Other Devices to Access Downstate E-mail Besides logging into email via a web browser, users can also...

  9-21-2004    Views: 46118   
article I requested a name change, but it does not show in my email or in Prime
ProblemI made a name change request through the Registrar's Office but do not see this change in email or Prime.ReasonName changes are processed...

  9-20-2004    Views: 10574   
article i-Notes Requesting MS Office CD
SolutionThis problem is not an exactly an i-Notes problem , it  is the way MS Office is installed.To prevent this issue from happening, follow the...

  11-9-2004    Views: 4545   
article When I login to e-mail, the screen keeps showing my name with a blank password box
ProblemWhen loging into email, I get a screen that has my username and a box to enter my password. I enter in my password, but get the same screen...

  9-20-2004    Views: 5340   


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Learn how to defend yourself against unwarranted email

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